The project was sponsored by: Nadácia Tatra banky, Divadlo Pôtoň v Bátovciach. Thank you!

Festival Into the Miracles, 1.-4.7. 2023, Bátovce

authors: Danica Pišteková, Tomáš Tholt and AFAD students: Soňa Polčová, Lívia Milnárová, Natália Štundová, Marta Karolčíková, Lucia Peštová, Jakub Ľorko, Ivana Hlavačková, Dorothea Straková,

Lunaria represents a new type of surface that blurs the boundaries between artificial and natural, city and landscape, human and other beings. It responds to the environment and serves as an analogue sensor and indicator of changes at various scales, from microscopic and invisible to the human eye, to transformations in shapes, geometries, or spaces. It is an interface, a filter, a place of dialogue between controlled processes of construction and micro-processes of material transformations, self-assembly, or degradation. These transformations become tools for designing a cycle of architecture where temporality, transience, or decay are its inherent parts. It refutes binary and hierarchical typologies and combines the properties of different actors. Perceiving architecture as skin, an unstable, alive, soft, changing, vulnerable, and encompassing envelope allows experiencing space as a process of constant discovery, observation, emergence, and disappearance, or care in its individual phases. 

konferencia ACADIA 2022

Moju účasť na konferencii ACADIA 2022: Hybrids & Haecceities podporil z verejných zdrojov formou štipendia Fond na podporu umenia. Ďakujem!

My participation in the conference ACADIA 2022: Hybrids & Haecceities was supported by public sources in the form of a scholarship from the Slovak Arts Council. Thank you!


solo exhibition “Crinolinelogy”, Mólo Gallery, Piešťany, 13. 9. – 3. 10.  2021

curator: Adrián Kobetič

Projekt DOME z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.

project DOME was supported by Slovak Arts Council

“unseen and hidden spaces, dressing principle in architectural scale, proxemics and the comfort/controlled zones, private vs. public”


solo exhibition, Youth Gallery, Nitra Gallery, 22. 10. – 17. 1. 2021

curator: Adrián Kobetič

photo: Katarína Janíčková

“Inside these “new clothes”, using their formal language, she creates a multi-layered, sewn-up autonomous space which is independent of the body inside. At the same time, the space is soft and flexible, open and unstable – in fact, it is a source of endless exploration.”

Textile Intersections 2019

This cutie and me as part of Textile Intersections 2019 in London! You can download our paper (or other interesting papers from the conference) here:

My participation in the conference was supported by public resources from Slovak Arts Council.

Becoming Escargotapien feat. AFAD

Sissel Marie Tonn in collaboration with AFAD for festival Sensorium 2019

This installation has been created as further development of Sissel’s original artwork Becoming Escargotapien and digital architecture student research at the faculty of architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

AFAD Tutors: Danica Pišteková, Kristína Rypáková Students (Department of Architecture, AFAD): Soňa Polčová, Karin Gúziová, Anna Přibylová, Sára Krčmáriková

One Size Fits All

solo exhibition, Pragovka Gallery, Prague, 24. 7. – 11. 9. 2018

curator: Ján Pernecký

“One Size Fits All” combines two long-term artistic research projects of Danica Pišteková: Sewn as a Site and Diagrammatic Genealogies. They both examine the space between body and clothing and speculate on the shapes, borders, colors, topologies and perforations of this in-between-space.  Soft semantics and materials give rise to complicated architectural forms that are worn as they wrap about bodies – human bodies as well as bodies of architecture.

ARTIKL magazine

Sewn as a Site project on the cover of Artikl magazine!


Nebulae is a research project created by students and teachers of Department of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) in Bratislava, Slovakia, within the subject Platforms of Material Prototyping led by Danica Pistekova and Kristina Rypakova. The interdisciplinary project investigates borders of architecture in 21 century, tests new materials (3D mesh spacer fabric, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) and explores new design methods, from series of prototypes to evaluation in haptic and material fabrication in 1:1 scale. The resulting objects could be classified in a wide range of soft, analog woven cloud structures, unexact geometries, uncontrolled agregates or shaped trussing, where the skin and structure are not divided entities, but the partners in dialogue.

tutors: Mgr. art. Danica Pišteková, ArtD., Mag. arch. Kristína Rypáková
team of students: Hana Arnold, Peter Dóža, Michaela Krpalová, Katarína Kocková, Lukáš Mráz, Márk Néveri, Dávid Nosko, Petra Ollerová, Filip Orság, Karina Pak, Šimon Trančík, Maroš Vasilišin

summer term 2018



the project was supported by AFAD and Muller Textile Slovakia s.r.o.

IWS project

IWS project was developed with students of Department of Architecture at AFAD in Bratislava.

tutors: Danica Pišteková, Kristína Rypáková

material: GFRP (glass fiber rod), 3D mesh spacer fabric

The installation was sponsored by Tatra banka foundation and Muller Textile Slovakia

DRESS CODES in-between clothing and architecture

“In the era of digital technologies architecture strives for complexity. It is only natural, that it often reaches for fabric as its medium. The micro-scale structure of textile determines the macro-scale of the object, making the fabric structures ideal for the exploration of control in complexity. Made of an incredibly high number of intricate small details, usual examples of textile architecture show unusual tidiness in large figures. The natural softness and elasticity allow for light tensile structures such as minimal surfaces for temporal variable objects suitable for easy deployment or spectacular interactivity.”



-Ján Pernecký



2017, 192 pages, 125 x 186 mm, The catalog was supported by Tatra banka foundation.

(interested in the catalog? write a message)

DRESS CODES exhibition

HotDock gallery, winter port, Bratislava

15. 6. – 30. 6. 2017

partners: AFAD, CITA

the exhibition was supported by Tatra banka foundation

photo credit: Adam Šakový

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